A Mentor is a senior officer of the student-employee who has been nominated by his organization or is a person in a senior position willing to undertake and discharge the academic responsibilities on his own volition.

It is expected of the Mentor to possess adequate qualifications to guide the student and the Mentor has to be approved by the COUNCIL for ERADICATION of SCIENTIFIC & TECHNICAL ILLITERACY (CESTI) before admission is finalized and having a minimum of three years of relevant work experience may also be proposed as mentors. Preference will be given to applicants having a suitable mentor from the same employing organisation.The Mentors would assist the course instructors in terms of the following:

  • Achieving the set of academic objectives enunciated by the instructors;
  • Verifying if a student is indeed sticking to the plan of study given in the Programme Guide;
  • Monitoring involvement of the student in self-study, time planning, understanding of concepts and their use, developing self-reliant articulation, awareness of and enthusiasm for new pedagogy, responsibility to meet deadlines, developing familiarity with the library, etc.
  • Conducting certain evaluation components like Seminar, Assignment, Project, Case Study, etc.