As one of the learners friendly features, the RSSVP has been conducting On-Demand Online Examinations and OMR-based examination on a fixed schedule. On-Demand Online Examination is an innovative step forward to make the examination system more flexible and to provide an opportunity for the learners to take up the examinations as per their desire and preparation. This innovative venture of On-Demand Online Examination will provide a completely flexible system of examination independent of the traditional fixed time frame. Under the scheme of On-Demand Online Examinations, students can walk into the authorized I&G Center / identified Test Centre of RSSVP/COUNCIL for ERADICATION of SCIENTIFIC & TECHNICAL ILLITERACY (CESTI) on the prescribed days as per their choice and appear for the examination for the course for which they are registered. They need not be required to wait for the six months term-end examination.

Features of On-Demand-Online-Examination

The required question papers are generated by the computer picking up the questions randomly from the question bank as per the blue print and design specific to the courses on the day of examination. The On-Demand-Online-Examination is an innovative venture in the field of evaluation of the performance of the students as per their preparations for examination. Following are the important features of On-Demand Exam: No need to wait for the time table of term end examinations. Choice of deciding the dates of exam lies with students. Individualized question paper for each student. On-line registration for On-Demand-Online-Examination. On-line issue of Hall Ticket for appearing in On-Demand-Online-Examination. On-line Payment of Exam fee On-Demand-Online-Examination. On-line clarification of doubts through e-mail. Complete transparency in allotment of exam dates. No possibility of malpractices. May reduce load on the term end exam.