What is IICEP Education?

Industry & Institution integrated Collaborative Education Program-IICEP is most contemporary noble concept, derived by SARVA BHARATIYA SHIKSHA PEETH-SBSP & COUNCIL FOR ERADICATION OF SCIENTIFIC & TECHNICAL ILLITERACY-CESTI , to integrate the component of Industry in Education. IICEP is not just a formality of giving industry exposure to the student community, rather it’s a full-fledged Industry-oriented-Experience to them, which is linked with their studies.

IICEP enables the student to obtain the basic and all functional knowledge of the Industry in which he wish to work

Advantages of IICEP:

INDUSTRY & INSTITUTION Integrated Collaborative Education Program (IICEP) is most contemporary noble concept which integrates Education and Industry as well as Institution. In this system, students are working and learning the program what they are exactly pursuing in the same industry/Institution. The biggest advantage of IICEP over Distance Education and Conventional Education is that students are getting theoretical and professional knowledge at the same time of study itself, whereas in Conventional and Distance Education programs, students are required to spend 3-4 years in obtaining similar level of professional knowledge after their studies. So that.. it’s very clear that the students belonging to IICE Programs are more professional comparative to the students of Conventional / Distance Education. Hence, the IICE Program students, proceed fast in the professional progress.

Promoting Body - CESTI

COUNCIL FOR ERADICATION OF SCIENTIFIC & TECHNICAL ILLITERACY (CESTI) is an Autonomous National Development Organization, registered under Govt. Acts for its Statute existence and which has been struggling hard for enhancing the literacy rate especially in the fields of Science & Technology since its inception itself, i.e., 2001, by spreading a wide network of Associate Training & Research Centers all over India and some other foreign countries. CESTI integrates the component of Industry in Education by way of an MOU with various INDUSTRIES/ EMINENT TECHNICAL & RESEARCH INSTITUTIONS as well as the Certifying Bodies such as UNIVERSITIES/ BOARDS etc. The Administration of SBSP has been taken over by CESTI, Since 2001 itself.